Enactus Appoints new President and CEO

Rachael A. Jarosh has been appointed Enactus Worldwide’s President and Chief Executive Officer. 

Rachael commenced 1 October 2016 and will be a great leader. 

Rachael has savvy insights and strong skills and is a mission-motivated, results-oriented leader. She joins Enactus with more than 22 years of experience, having served as president of the Pentair Foundation, leader of global communications for Pentair plc and having worked at the intersection of private and non-profit partnerships. She has been a committed champion of various causes throughout her life and is compelled by the entrepreneurial spirit she inherited from her parents. Rachael’s breadth of experience, her passion for leading high-performing teams, her ability to energize people and her personal passion for the mission of Enactus will propel the organization forward. 

Rachael will not be alone, though. She is committed to empowering our leadership team to realize its full potential, and I’m confident that together, they will invigorate the global Enactus community.