We live our values of integrity, passion, innovation and collaboration in all that we do.

Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct should be applied in good faith with reasonable business judgment to enable Enactus to achieve its mission within the framework of the laws of each participating country. It applies to all individuals participating in the Enactus program in any capacity (including, but not limited to, Enactus employees, Program Co-ordinators, Enactus student team members and Faculty Advisors, judges at Enactus competitions, and members of the Enactus Boards and Advisory Boards). These individuals will be referred to as participants within this Code of Conduct.

Key Beliefs Applicable to all Participants

Enactus expects that all participants shall treat one another and all people with dignity and constant respect. We will value the differences of diverse individuals from around the world. Abusive, harassing or offensive conduct is unacceptable, whether verbal, physical or visual. This would prohibit any participant at any time from physically or verbally abusing another person; from using excessive profane language or vulgar gestures; from demeaning or belittling another person or making derogatory comments about his or her race, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin or sexual orientation; and from engaging in conduct intended, or so reckless as to be likely, to cause harm to another.

Enactus expects all participants to demonstrate honesty and integrity in their statements and actions. All Enactus participants shall adhere to honesty, fairness and "doing the right thing" without compromise, even when circumstances make it difficult.

As a participant in Enactus your actions are at all times a reflection of both Enactus Australia and the Enactus worldwide organisation.

Enactus Australia Board of Directors

as at 21 September 2016:

Mark Smith - Chairman
Trent Duvall - National Leader KPMG Consumer Products, KPMG
Judy Howard - Country Leader
Phillip Austin - President Asia Pacific, CHEP
Tom McGinness - Acting Director Governance and Board, CSIRO
Anne-Maree Dowd - Executive Manager Planning, Performance and Evaluation, CSIRO
Alistair Paice – Director Multinationals, HSBC Australia
Alpa Bhattacharjee - Head of Corporate Sustainability, HSBC Australia
Shane Power -Human Resources and Organisational Development, Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific
Tim Hart - CEO, Ridley Corporation
Michael Knight - Vice President Human Resources, Staples Australia and New Zealand
Jocelyn Harvey - Head of Marketing and Communications, Property - Lend Lease
Ian Storie – Business Consultant